March 2023 minutes

TRGC Meeting Minutes, March 16, 2023

              Meeting was brought to order at 12:00 p.m. by Karen Neilan (President)

            Attendance: 31 active members, 18 excused members, 3 guests

Karen Neilan, President

  • Karen asked if there were any corrections or amendments to the minutes of the  February 16, 2023 meeting.  No amendments or corrections were heard. Minutes were approved.
  • Guests: Liz Paganetti  brought Kathy Pavelcak and Elaine Lombardi brought her husband, John Lombardi, Val brought Tina Marzano.
  • Karen thanked and acknowledged our hosts: Ruth Hammell, Barbra Allen, Phyllis Grohocki, Doris Burr and Everett Munro, our coffee maker.
  • Karen thanked Rod Atkins and Richard Bucklin, the Audio and Visual committee for doing a great job.
  • Completed the annual report for the Federation. Karen suggested doing more fundraising events such as garden tours, doing a tea or other functions. She asked members to think about this.
  • Karen mentioned that the  70th Anniversary of our club is next year. We May celebrate this at our June Luncheon for 2024. Asked members to share ideas.

Vice-President – Val Haagensen- No report

Treasurer- Elaine Lombardi

  • Elaine reported the details up to February 28’(Report attached) $195 income expenses $230.71. $6131.36 savings, checking $2,847.94. 

Recording Secretary- Pam Atkins

  • Recording Secretary- No report

Corresponding Secretary- Laurie Markowicz

  • Corresponding- No report

Committee Reports

  • Audio/Visual – No Report
  • Constitution and Bylaws – No report
  • Civic- no report
  • Environmental & Conservation – Manly Church reported on heating/cooling conservation and showed the use of an infrared thermometer. He also discussed cleaning coils in refrigerators and checking the temperature on water heaters.
  • Garden Therapy Prison – no report 
  • Garden Therapy Nursing Home – Margie reported that the residents were very happy with the St. Patrick’s holiday arrangements.
  • Historian- Brenda read from the minutes of the of a meeting from May 17, 1979.
  • Horticulture- Vonice spoke about forcing bulbs in water and vodka, and forcing them with other methods. Karen presented Vonice with some hyacinths to congratulate her on blue ribbon entries for the Hartford FGCCT flower show. Vonice also mentioned Kayla Mullen’s seed library and Phyllis Cushing’s plantings which were on display.
  • Hospitality- No report 
  • Plant Sale- Maria reported that Elaine was looking into using credit cards at this year’s sale. She asked members to contact Manly regarding the drawing. She asked members to see her about signing up for what they would like to do at the plant sale. She will let us know when we can set up the day before.  She also asked members to let her or Vonice know what members are bringing for perennials. Vonice noted that the color of the plants is the most important element. Phyllis Cushing will make sins with pictures if we tell her what we are bringing. Also contact Manly if you want a sign for your yard of the plant sale information.
  • Program- Pam and Susan report the change of venue for the April monthly meeting.  We will meet at Waterford Country School. Pam will send an email to all members with detail and directions. Pam also reported on the May field trip to Broken Arrow Nursery. Announcing the drivers and passengers. She will contact the members who have not responded yet.
  • Sunshine- No report 
  • Ways and Means- Margin asked members for ideas of other items to sell, she gave all members a survey. 
  • Website- no report
  • Workshops – The next workshop will do the arrangements for the June Luncheon..
  • Yearbook- No report

Upcoming Events:  FGCCT Annual Meeting and Luncheon- Aqua Turf April 19, 2023

TRGC April Monthly Meeting, Waterford Country School, Rose Lodge, April 20, 2023

TRGC May field Trip – Broken Arrow Nursery, May 18, 2023

TRGC June Luncheon Meeting- Kentford Farm, June 15, 2023

Meeting adjourned 1:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted 

Pamela Atkins, Recording Secretary 

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