About Us

Thames River Garden Club was organized and Federated in 1954. This non-profit club is dedicated to the planning and performance of educational and charitable projects with an emphasis on horticulture, conservation, civic planting, floral and landscape design. our current membership is 62.

Executive Board

Officers, Immediate Past President, Hospitality Chairperson and
Program Chairperson

President: Karen Neilan
Vice President: Val Haagensen
Recording Secretary: Pamela Atkins
Corresponding Secretary: Laurie Markowicz
Treasurer: Elaine Lombardi
Assistant Treasurer: Joan Treadow
Immediate Past President: Elaine Lombardi
Hospitality Chairperson: Jill Johnson
Program Chairperson: Susan Bellefleur

Executive Committee

Executive Board, Standing Committee Chairpersons and

Audio Visual: Rod Atkins & Richard Bucklin
Audit: Joe Anderson
Civic: Joan Treadow
Constitution and Bylaws: Karen Neilan
Environmental Concerns/Conservation: Ivy Plis
Finance: Elaine Lombardi
Historian: Brenda Kramer
Garden Therapy Nursing Home: Margie Sydney
Garden Therapy York Prison: Sheila Elliott & Mary Ellen Hagen
Horticulture: Vonice Carr
Hospitality: Jill Johnson
Plant Sale: Claudia Kenyon & Maria Zalegowski
Program: Susan Bellefleur & Pamela Atkins
Sunshine: Ruth Hammell
Ways & Means: Margie Sydney
Website: Pamela Atkins
Workshops: Brenda Kramer
Yearbook: Vonice Carr

TRGC is a member of the following National, Federated and New England Garden Clubs and the Garden Clubs of Southeastern Connecticut.