TRGC Minutes – February 2023

Meeting was brought to order at 12:00 p.m. by Karen Neilan (President)

Attendance: 36 active members, 9 excused members, 1 guest, 1 privileged member

Karen Neilan, President

  • Karen asked if there were any corrections or amendments to the minutes of the November 17, 2022 meeting.  No amendments or corrections were heard. Minutes were approved.
  • Guests: Claudia Kenyon brought Maureen Peranti.
  • Karen thanked and acknowledged our hosts: Rod Atkins, Pam Atkins, Vonice Carr, Manly Church and Everett Munro, our coffee maker.
  • Karen thanked Rod Atkins and Richard Bucklin, the Audio and Visual committee for doing a great job.
  • Ad Hoc Committee – regarding who would receive the Policies and Procedures. The Executive Board voted to send the draft to the Ad Hoc Committee, the Executive Committee and plant sale sub-committee chairpersons. Karen requested anyone receiving the draft to please review and respond back to her as soon as possible.
  • Budget- a budget is projection based on income and expenses. The budget is subject to change based on certain variables. Each committee has a budget with line items, there are times when expenses may exceed the budget. The budget is projected on an annual basis. When you receive your budget, think about what you may need for the future. Please be mindful not to exceed the monthly allocated dollar amount if your budget specifies a maximum reimbursement per month.
  • Karen explained items on the bulletin board showing flyers of upcoming events and pictures of gardens that members texted to her. She encouraged members to keep sending informational items each month.
  • Karen confirmed that our June Luncheon meeting will be at Kentford Farm.
  • Introduced an application for a new member Joanna Woodward. She is a Master Gardener, loves learning about plants and has volunteered to contribute her computer skills to the club. A motion to accept the application was made by Elaine Lombardi and seconded by Brenda Kramer. Motion was approved and Joanna was accepted to the club.
  • Val also discussed offering magnetic badges to the membership for $3 to change to the new badge. All new members will receive these as they join. This would only apply to current members who want to change their badge to magnetic. Phyllis Teeson raised an objection to the $3 charge. She felt there should be no charge. Karen said this issue would be put on the Executive Board agenda for next month for further discussion.
  • Elaine reported the details up to January 31 (Report attached)
  • Elaine will be sending FGCCT our club dues which are $6 per person.

Recording Secretary- Pam Atkins – No report

Corresponding Secretary- Laurie Markowicz

  • Corresponding- Laurie Markowicz read a thank you letter from Safe Futures for our Holiday donations.

Committee Reports

  • Audio/Visual – No report
  • Constitution and Bylaws – No report
  • Civic- No report
  • Environmental & Conservation – Ivy reported on toxic houseplants. Report attached, previously sent.
  • Garden Therapy Prison – Peggy Schepp reported they are beginning to open up and will keep us posted.
  • Garden Therapy Nursing Home – Margie reported that the committee was able to get back in and had a great time with the residents. They were residents were very happy.
  • Historian- Brenda read from the minutes of the Plant Sale of 1997. Very interesting and fun to hear. We were surprised to hear they earned over $5,000 back in 1997.
  • Horticulture- Vonice talked about African Violets and thanked Val Haagensen for bringing her violets to show. There was an informative contest about caring for them. Vonice also encouraged members to speak to Val if they had questions regarding the African Violets.

Vonice also mentioned a train trip to the Orchid show at the Botanical Gardens. We would be at the train at 7:45, arrival about 11:00. We would leave Botanical at 2:00. The cost is anywhere from $40 to $80. She asked a show of hands and took an approximate count.

  • Hospitality- Jill Johnson announced the hosts for May, Richard Bucklin, Jane Bucklin, Regina Kowenhoven and Laurie Markowicz. For June, Karen Neilan, Becky Starrett, Ann Thibault, Kayla Mullen. She went over the info for hosts. Four people per luncheon, the first person to sign up will be in charge of contacting the other members of the committee for that month. Everett will continue to bring the tea pot, coffee and coffee pot.
  • Plant Sale- Maria asked members to plant houseplants for the Plant Sale, think about donating items to the white elephant table and the drawing.  If transportation for the plants is needed, let the committee know. Phyllis Cushing asked members to let her know what we might be bringing for Perennials and she can print off color pictures to display at the sale.  Vonice suggested members bring only about half-dozen of any one plant so we are not over run with one type. If anyone wants to bring a large number, contact Vonice.
  • Program- No report
  • Sunshine- No report
  • Ways and Means- No report
  • Website- On its way thanks to Liz Paganetti. She has been working hard putting what we need together and we are asking Joanna Woodward to help with the Website too.
  • Workshops – There will be a plant exchange workshop on March 9, at Brenda’s home at 1:00. Report attached, previously sent. RSVP March 6.
  • Yearbook- No report

Upcoming Events:

CT Flower Show, February 23-26 at the Convention Center

FGCCT Annual Meeting, April 19,2023 at the Aqua Turf

Meeting adjourned 1:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Pamela Atkins, Recording Secretary

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