Civic Activities: The Beebe House, owned by the Waterford Horticultural Society, has been a year round project for the last 44 years. The Civic Committee prepares the garden each spring. During the spring, summer and autumn, members weed, water, prune and plant as needed. Club participation: 100%

Grasso Southeastern Technical High School: Centrally located in Groton in proximity to a military district. Grasso Southeastern Technical High School focuses its mission on providing an educational environment that fosters student academic success and trade/technology mastery. Their zest for lifelong learning in their environmental science study—connects us as gardeners. Xeriscaping has been established through a series of landscaping and gardening lectures as well as the hands-on process of planting efficiently for the conservation of water. Their greenhouse plants and projects have been part of the club Plant Sale. Club participation: 100%

Conservation: The committee provides members with updates on conservation efforts in our local, state and national areas monthly. We continue our support of the Land Conservation Coalition of Connecticut, the Nature Conservancy, Connecticut Chapter; and the West Farms Land Trust. We are in our fourth year of working with students from Grasso Tech, Groton, in designing and planting gardens. Club participation: 100%

Horticulture: Each month this committee chooses a plant and reports on all aspects of its care, propagation, and characteristics. Also, workshops are planned prior to the annual plant sale to divide and make ready for sale members plants. Club participation: 100%

Books: Contributions for the purchase of garden related books are made to the libraries of New London, Waterford, and East Lyme to further public education and conservation awareness. Club participation: 100%

Garden Therapy: At New London Rehab and Care of Waterford, this committee works with patients to create seasonal arrangements. Involving 20-30 residents, the committee meets on the 2nd Wednesday of each month from October through June at 2:00 p.m. Club participation: 25%

Garden Therapy York Prison: [Temporarily on Hold] Members of this committee meet at the Niantic Women’s Prison to work with and educate the inmates who are incarcerated. Focus is on gardening for relaxation, creativity, and creating a satisfying environment in the Cutting Garden and the Greenhouse.   Propagation and plant care are emphasized. The committee meets every Thursday all year round beginning at 9 a.m., except for major holidays.  Sheila Elliott, Mary Ellen Hagen and Peggy Schepp attend weekly.

Juniors: This committee joins the local schools “Learn and Serve” Program. They introduce grammar school children to the rewards and sense of accomplishment in gardening and propagation. Children enjoy the fruits of their labor and partake in our annual plant sale. Club participation: 10%

Educational Workshops: Basic Flower Arranging Courses, with special emphasis on the elements of design, are held throughout the year. Guidelines and practice for Standard Flower Shows.

Continuing Projects: At the Beebe House and Jordan Park, we are working to enhance a new fence with heirloom plants and flowers. This is a major landscaping project.