TRGC minutes May 20, 2021

TRGC Executive Meeting Minutes May 20, 2021

In attendance: Elaine Lombardi-President, Pamela Atkins- Recording Secretary, Vonice Carr-Vice-President,  Joan Treadow-Treasurer, Brenda Kramer-Immediate Past President, Patricia Hancok, Susan Bellefleur, Laurie Markowicz

Absent- Betty Ann Coviello

               Meeting was brought to order at 12:15 a.m. By Elaine Lombardi (President)

29 Members were in attendance

Elaine Lombardi, President 

  •  Elaine thanked Pam and Rod Atkins for hosting the venue for our meeting, also thanked the dessert makers, Mary Anne Richards, Everett Munro, Phyllis Grohocke and Patricia Hancock.
  • Elaine Welcomed everyone to the meeting and back to seeing one another.
  • Elaine invited members to introduce guests. Pam Atkins introduced Emily Aldrich, Rod’s sister and her friend, Paulette Meijer. Claudia introduced her guest.
  • The April zoom meeting with Margery Winters speaking on the Geology of Ct was successful. We had about 24 members in attendance.
  • Elaine has confirmed that we should be meeting in person in the Waterford Library in September and our next meeting will be at Eastern Point Beach, One Beach Pond Rd, Groton and the home of Richard and Jane Bucklin, 26 Tyler St, Groton on June 17. Brenda Kramer distributed informational flyers to members in attendance and will mail to those who were not at the meeting.
  • Membership Book.  Vonice has kindly agreed to update the Annual Yearbook.She requested that all committee chairs send her updated information as well as corrections and changes for members prior to August.
  • Patty Hancock passed around list for hostesses, please contact her to sign up for future meetings, we must have this done before August 1.
  • Vonice discussed the planting of the Memorial Tree for Josie.  It will be planted along with five other trees at Lawrence and Memorial Hospital through “New London Trees”. We contributed $100.
  • Since the resignation of Pat Uguccioni, we are in need of a Ways and Means chair.
  • The Annual Plant sale was a great success! Phyllis Grohocki spoke about purchasing the plants from Grasso Tech (we had to pay this year because they lost their grant) and Malerba’s garden center in Norwich. We sold out of all our annuals, veggies and herbs and feel we can purchase more next year. Claudia spoke about the Perennials. We had the help of many members and sold most of our plants. She was grateful for all the efforts of membership and we had a record year of sales.
  • The Bebee Garden is coming along nicely
  • Guest Day will be at St Paul’s church on October 21, 2021. The Speaker is designer Michael Device. He is very entertaining and talented.
  • New Members, a few people have emailed looking to join the club. Elaine went over the criteria.
  • Sheila Elliott is working with a pollinating organization and asked our club for our help.
  • Mary Anne Hauser announced that Waterford Historical Society is having a meeting on June 5, for training to a become a volunteer guide.

Vonice Carr, Vice-President

  • Please contact Vonice if you are unable to come to the meetings
  • We had three members resign, Joyce Beudion, Betty Ann Covello, Pat Uguccioni. We are now at 63 active members.

Nominations, Brenda Kramer

  • Due to the restrictions during the past year, several officers have agreed to stay on another year.  We will be installing a new Assistant Treasurer Treasure- Richard Bucklin and a new Vice-President-Claudia Kenyon
  • Joan Treadow-Treasurer – Report is attached to minutes
  • There are still outstanding dues
  • TRGC Annual Donations – There is room for more Philanthropic commitments for our club. We will discuss donations further at a future meeting. 
  • A list of our charity list will be going out to members.

Meeting adjourned at 1:00, Brenda Kramer/Mary AnnRichard

Respectfully submitted

Pamela Atkins, Recording Secretary

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