March 16, 2021 Update

Good morning Members,
I hope everyone is doing well. Now that the outside world is opening up slowly, we are starting to get back to some kind of normalcy. With that being said I want to update you on what is going on.
March 18: This Thursday will be another zoom presentation. Our speaker is Julia Jankowski from the Mystic Seaport. Her power point presentation is on 19th Century Gardening at Mystic Seaport. It will be at 1pm and last for about an hour. Ivy Plis is the club liaison for this event. You will find the link below to join the event.
April 15: The April speaker had to be changed. The new speaker is Majorie Winters and she will be speaking on the “Connecticut’s Story”. Brief summary of it’s content: Geologically, Connecticut was once the center of the world. With mountains higher than the Himalayas and was once located just off the coast of Africa. Unravel the stories of Connecticut’s exciting geological past that are told by the rocks around us.
May20: Our scheduled speaker is Trish Manfredi. Pam is still working on making sure if she will be able to present her presentation through zoom. We will still have a presenter, even if Trish can’t do it.. 
June Luncheon:  I talked to Richard Bucklin the other day. Rich said Jane and  himself have been discussing it. They will have a better idea in the beginning of April if they will host the luncheon at their home. We throw some ideas around. The big issue is to keep everyone safe and healthy. I think most , if not all, of us will have had the vaccination.
Thank you Sue Bellefleur and her committee for doing an awesome job in obtaining speakers.
Plant Sale May 8: We will be holding our annual plant sale as the Waterford Town Hall has reserved the date for us. We will be able to use the indoor area as we have before. There is a blood drive on Friday, so it will be setting up on the day of the sale. Maria and Claudia are working with their committee now. If you have any ideas or anything you would like to share, please call either one of them. They would love to hear from you.
Josie Esposito: A tree is planned to honor Josie’s memory. At this point, we are still working out the details. Vonice Carr is working with several groups that are planning to  plant trees by Lawrence and Memorial Hospital. We would donate one and the other groups are going to plant and maintain them.
Beebe Garden: Jan Theiler and her committee have been busy maintaining the ground and by the Waterford  sign. In the fall they dug up and replanted plants around the sign, as well as planted many spring bulbs, We should be seeing signs of the bulb coming up soon. They also decorated for the holiday season making wreaths and boughs.
Thank you Everyone for your patience through this last year of lockdown. The future’s looking brighter as the cases  of the Covid virus are lowering.   

Elaine LombardiPresidentThames River Garden Club

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