TRGC Minutes – October 2019

Thames River Garden Club Minutes – October 17, 2019

Attendance             Active: 30               Privileged: 3                    Excused: 7

President’s Report

President Elaine Lombardi called the meeting to order at 12:15 p.m. and thanked hosts, Manly Church, Jan Theiler, Mary Ellen Hagen,  for a delicious lunch. Everett Munro brought a guest, Christine Stuetzel. It was agreed to waive the reading of the minutes from the September meeting. Minutes approved, however, Phyllis Teeson wanted them read.  We did not read the minutes, since no one was prepared to read them. We will consider reading them next month, however, it was discussed that it will take time out of our meeting. Will discuss this at the next Executive Meeting. Minutes were approved.

  • Elaine thanked Jan Theiler and her committee for an outstanding job weeding and cleaning up Beebe Garden.
  • Dig at Judy Grazino’s was successful. The committee was able to dig 150+ plants. Thanks to Jane Bucklin who provided sandwiches and water.
  • Guest Day will be November 21.  Flyers are available and have been emailed to area Presidents and our membership. Please distribute to friends via hard copy or email. Elaine requested that all members RSVP so hostesses have a count.
  • The Holiday Party will be held on Friday, December 13 at the home of Regina Kowenhoven.  Thank you, Regina, for your hospitality.
  • The FGCCT-Awards Luncheon will be held on Wednesday, October 30.  Elaine asked all to attend to support the voting of tablescapes submitted by our members, Brenda Kramer and Pam Atkins.  The theme is Connecticut Authors, The theme our designers chose was “Sex and the City.”  The price is $36 per person taking place at the Aqua Turf. Please send a check to Elaine with a Luncheon choice of Beef, Chicken, Salmon or Vegetarian.Elaine saw the FGCCT President at a recent President’s meetings and they shortned the presentation for awards this year.
  • Elaine has requested that All Committee Chairs are required to make a report to the member once per year.  Please notify Elaine so the report can be added to the agenda.  
  • The Executive Committee voted to do away with Stainless flatware and use Bamboo.  This was oppossed by a few members, will be addressed again in January. Bamboo will be used for guest day.
  • Everett Munro referred an email to Elaine regarding a request from Fairview Nursing Home in Groton requesting a local Garden Club to run a “Garden Program.”  Elaine will pass on to Federated and give them suggested clubs in the Groton area.


Vice-President – Membership- Active 56, Privileged 12, Total 68

  • Reminder from Vonice that she is the contact if you are not able to attend a meeting. She is attending a Garden/Design Judging course today.
  • Brenda has revised pages for Membership Book whom already have theirs
  • Vonice is giving a talk about preliminary info on the Flower Show entries on November 14 at 11:00 a.m. in the Waterford Library conference room downstairs.  Please RSVP if attending. The CT flower show is February 20-23 at the CT Convention Center in Hartford. Check on line for info Connecticut Garden
  • Details on the December 3rd wreath workshop will be available at the November meeting.
  • There is a wreath making workshop November 16, in conjunction with the Waterford Historical Society held at ATRIA Crossroads Place,1 Beechwood Dr., Waterford. The Great Room, Floor 3  About 15 people, materials will be provided. 

$30 to general public, $25 for TRGC members and ATRIA residents. Reservations required by November 9.  Call 860-389-7529.

Treasurer’s Report. 

  •   A full report will be emailed to members.


Corresponding Report

  • Laurie Markowicz read an email from the Mystic Garden Club in response to the Guest day email. President, Joanne Lukaszewicz replied she will send to her membership, but some of the club members would be busy with their Greens Sale preparations.

Committee Reports

Bylaws – Mary Ann Hauser presented proposed changes in the Bylaws.  A motion was made to accept them as presented, first and seconded by Maria Zalegowski and Laurie Markowicz respectively, discussion began with concerns about the change in Privileged membership going from 20 to 15 years.  Ten years was proposed and several members came forward to object to the change or endorse. Some members felt privilged members should still be somewhat active. After much discussion, the motion was not passed. Mary Ann asked membership to email or contact the bylaws committee to put their concerns in writing so the committee can be aware and making further proposals.  Elaine suggested we revisit in January for a vote.

Workshops- Vonice reports that she has a mission to have all our members submit an entry to the Hartford Flower Show this year.  She has scheduled meetings, which are listed in the book, to help give us knowledge and confidence.  The horticulture section of the show is open without limits, unlike the design section. Please check the book to put the workshops on your calendar.  She had a special category she thought Suzy Young would like, “Home for Feathered Friends,” under the Botanical Arts division.

No other Committees were able to present due to time constraints.

Motion was made to adjourn and seconded at 1:18 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Pam Atkins, recording secretary




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