TRGC Minutes – September 2019

Thames River Garden Club Minutes- September 19, 2019

Attendance             Active: 34                  Privileged: 3                    Excused: 7

President’s Report

  • President Elaine Lombardi called the meeting to order at 12:15 p.m. and thanked hosts,Joan Treadow, Everett Munro, Patricia Hancock and Barbara Skinner for a delicious lunch. There were no guests present at today’s meeting. It was agreed to waive the reading of the minutes from the June 20 meeting approve the minutes. Pat Uguccioni moved to waive and approve, seconded by Mary Ann Richards, minutes were approved., 
  • Elaine welcomed everyone back from the summer break.  She thanked the members who worked on the Membership Book, Barbara Skinner and Brenda Kramer with help from Susan Bellefluer and Pam Atkins for submission of the program information. A thank you to Quality Printers for the printing job. Vonice Carr has agreed to take over the responsibility of the Membership Book. The new books have been printed and were available for pick up.  Elaine reminded everyone to take their copy to avoid mailing costs. 
  • Elaine also thanks the Civic Committee for cleaning up Beebe Garden.
  • She asked membership to take a look at the Photo Book, which was brought in by Brenda Kramer, keeping a history of the events of our club.
  • Guest Day will be November 21, when the flyer is available, please send to friends via hard copy or email.
  • The Holiday Party will be held on Friday, December 13 at the home of Regina Kowenhoven.  Thank you, Regina, for your hospitality.
  • The FGCCT-Awards Luncheon will be held on Wednesday, October 30.  She asked all to attend to support the voting of tablescapes submitted by our members, Brenda Kramer and Pam Atkins.  The theme is Connecticut Authors, The theme our designers chose was “Sex and the City.”  The price is $36 per person taking place at the Aqua Turf. Please send a check to Elaine with a Luncheon choice of Beef, Chicken, Salmon or Vegetarian.
  • Elaine reported that we will no longer pass around clipboards with sign up sheets in the future since it disrupts the meeting.  Please check the table as you enter to sign up for all events and membership assignments.  Host/Hostess commitments, Plant Sale Digs, Annual Luncheon, Guest Day and all other events.
  • Elaine has requested that All Committee Chairs are required to make a report to the membership once per year.  Please notify Elaine so the report can be added to the agenda.  
  • Vice President: Vonice Carr reported –  If you are unable to attend a  meeting, you only need to contact Vonice by calling or texting her. She will then advise hostess. She has provided us with a business card with her contact information.  Vonice introduced our newest member Bugi Reiff

Treasurer’s Report. 

  • Joan Treadow reported that a new laptop was needed to use Quickbook for our finances.  A full report is attached.

Corresponding Report

  • Laurie Markowicz read thank you notes from our funding contributions from

           Camp Harkness, Pequotsepos Nature Society, Waterford Public Library, Federated Garden Clubs

Committee Reports:

Audio/Visual – Rod Atkins and Richard Bucklin have volunteered to store and deliver our equipment to meetings. 

Bylaws – Ethel Gerity reported that the Bylaws Committee met and we need to have a quorum of 28 active members, 50% plus 1 to pass the bylaws, so all active members are encouraged to attend the October meeting to get them passed. She distributed proposed bylaws to members to review and vote on in October. Highlights were reducing number of years for privileged members, and the amount of people needed for a quorum.

Civic – Jan Theiler reported the clean up of Beebe Phillips Garden took place on Wednesday, September 11.  The Garden was weeded and mums and asters were planted.  Sand needs to be replaced between the bricks in the walkway. Paul Grover, of Waterford Historical Society, will address the issue at the WHS’s next meeting and said he will replace the sand if members agree.  Members who attended the clean up were Suzy Young, Phyllis Grohocki, Barbara Allen, Jan Theiler and Paul Grover.   Next clean up will be in October, date TBA.

Environmental Studies/Conservation– Juanita Toledo reported,  The Environmental Committee aims to participate in the study and care of the plants and bird species at the William Niering preserve at Goshen cove at Harkness Beach.  We aim for 2 sessions in May/June and September/October session in the area.

Garden Therapy-Juanita reported that they have added Beechwood to the Garden Therapy schedule.  She showed a bouquet of flowers and greens she picked from her garden at this time of year.  Showing new types of greens such as ginger and instructed us to remove the hydrangea leaves before putting them in the arrangement.  

Garden Therapy Prison- Sheila Elliott is looking for a donation of two rock/garden racks to use at the prison. Laurie Markowicz donated one.

Historian – Brenda Kramer is bringing a photo album of our events to peruse at our meetings.

Horticulture – Judy Graziano reported that the Digging date is October 24 at 9:00.  She asked members to please come for digging, labeling, dividing or lunch.  The more people the better.  She would like to do a second date for Shrubs.

Hospitality- Patricia Hancock is on it.

Juniors – Suzy Young is working on painting birdhouses for plant sale.

Plant Sale—Claudia Kenyon reported that members should be potting their plants now for the plant sale, they will have time to poof during the winter. Marie Zalegowski, reported that there will be a sign up sheet in place prior to the trip to wholesaler, she also reported what great success she had with Allium in her garden. 

Plant Sale Diggers – Rod Atkins and Rich Bucklin passed the sign up sheet for the October 24 Dig.  Rod spoke to membership asking for volunteers.

Publicity – Elaine asked for a volunteer to fill this position, no response from membership.

Ways and Means – Pat Uguccioni announced that she is having bags made by her friend Eunice Taylor for us to sell for $5.  The bags are not for groceries, but for sundries or clothing.

Workshops- Vonice reports that she has a mission to have all our members submit an entry to the Hartford Flower Show this year.  She has scheduled meetings, which are listed in the book, to help give us knowledge and confidence.  The horticulture section of the show is open without limits, unlike the design section. Please check the book to put the workshops on your calendar.  She had a special category she thought Suzy Young would like, “Home for Feathered Friends,” under the Botanical Arts division.

Motion was made to adjourn and seconded at 1:07 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Pamela Atkins,  Recording Secretary


Suzy Young reported- We had a wonderfully successful kickoff for our Horticultural Specimens educational series with thanks to the numerous members who brought in cut flowers from their gardens. We had a total of 31 specimens!!
Awards were given as follows: First place to Marian Shilstone for her Dahlia ‘Hetear’; Second place to Phyllis Grohocki for her Dahlia ‘Thomas A. Edison’; Third place to Everett Munro for his Anethum gravolens (Dill);  Honorable mention to Vonice Carr for her Rudbeckia (Black-eyed Susan) and Honorable mention to Suzy Young for her Hydrangea macrophylla (lace-cap).purchased at the wholesaler. 





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