TRGC Minutes – May 2019

Thames River Garden Club Minutes 

May 16, 2019 

Attendance Active: 37 Privileged: 3 Excused: 6 

President Brenda Kramer called the meeting to order at 12:16 and thanked hosts Susan Bellefleur, Maria Zalegowski, Tricia Cass, and Mary Ellen Hagen for our wonderful luncheon. She asked members to sign the attendance sheets, mute their phones, and refrain from side conversations. Brenda inquired whether any guests were present, and Susan Bellefleur introduced her guest, Barbara Reynolds; Bugi Reiff, who was our guest in April, joined us once again. Regina Kowenhoven moved to accept changes to the April minutes and Elaine Lombardi seconded. Everett Munro moved to accept the minutes as corrected, and Jan Theiler seconded; motion passed. 

President’s Report. Brenda welcomed our guests and introduced our newest member, Rod Atkins. She then asked for a round of applause for a very successful plant sale. She reminded those present that our garden party luncheon, catered by Tara Mahn, will be held June 20 at her home, and she asked all to wear sun hats. Checks should be sent in by June 6. Brenda is looking forward to installing the new Executive Committee. Brenda shared login information for the FGCCT website: user name is fgcct and the password is charteroak. 

Treasurer’s Report. Phyllis Teeson reported that we aren’t able to vote on the budget at today’s meeting because an audit is being conducted. Ruth Hammell moved to accept the Treasurer’s Report as submitted, and Marian Shilstone seconded; motion passed. Phyllis reminded members that the TRGC tax number is for club purchases only and not to be used at wholesalers for personal purchases. Phyllis thanked everyone for supporting her during her tenure as treasurer. 

Plant Sale Cochairs’ Report. Cochairs Claudia Kenyon and Maria Zalegowski spoke about the very successful plant sale held May 11 at the Waterford Town Hall and thanked all who worked so hard. Claudia greeted customers at the door and inquired how they learned about the sale. Most either saw signs posted throughout the area or were return customers. Annuals did very well this year, and the gazebo helped. Phyllis Teeson added that Ella T. Grasso in Groton generously donated flats of annuals.   Because Grasso will be unable to provide seedlings next year due to renovations, Sheila Elliott volunteered to have the Prison/Garden Therapy group work at the prison to provide seedlings for next year’s sale. 

Committee Reports. 

Civic—Jan Theiler reported that cleanup of the Beebe-Phillips garden took place during Arbor Week on April 24. The garden was weeded, old plants removed, and new plants planted for spring; the garden was mulched and made ready for viewing for the Waterford Art Exhibit. 

Environmental Studies/Conservation—Juanita Toledo said that members participated in the cleanup of the Labyrinth Garden at Harkness State Park. On June 5 and September 4, committee members will again work at Harkness in an effort to protect two endangered bird species. 

Garden Therapy—The garden therapy group is expanding its efforts by making floral arrangements with residents of Beechwood in New London. This morning’s session was well received, with twenty in attendance, and the committee decided to visit Beechwood four times next year. 

Horticulture—Members were asked to bring in a native plant in conjunction with May’s lecture topic “Going Native.” Eight horticultural specimens were entered and a blue ribbon was presented to Dolores Markowicz for her Coastal Leucothoe plant; other participants received honorable mention ribbons. Thanks to our internal judges Joan Treadow, Pat Uguccioni, and Suzy Young. 

Juniors—Suzy Young thanked Tricia Cass and Nancy Cole for transplanting plants with children at the plant sale. Suzy has arranged for each of the eighteen members of Troop #63428 (Waterford and New London) Daisies (grade K, 1) and Brownies (grade 2, 3) to receive a TRGC “Kid’s Pack” comprising two pots, two bags of soil, two packets of flower seeds (one to attract birds and one to attract butterflies), plant ID sticks, and planting instructIons in order to stimulate the children’s interest in gardening and to transfer knowledge of seed germination. Presentation of the Kid’s Packs will be on June 3 in conjunction with the troop’s annual party. 

Hosting—Elaine Lombardi thanked those who signed up to host next program year. 

Nominations—Everett Munro presented the proposed slate of officers for program year 2019-2020: 

President—Elaine Lombardi Vice President—Pam Atkins Treasurer—Joan Treadow Assistant Treasurer—Betty Ann Coviello Recording Secretary—TBA Corresponding Secretary—Dolores Markowicz Immediate Past President—Brenda Kramer Program Chair—Susan Bellefleur Hospitality Chair—Elaine Lombardi 

Peggy Schepp-Ashkenazi moved to approve the proposed slate of officers and Barbara Skinner seconded; motion passed. Members were asked to consider volunteering to serve the club as Recording Secretary. 

Workshops—Members are encouraged to attend a Line Design Workshop presented by Juanita Toledo to be held June 19, the day before the Garden Party, from 10 to noon at Brenda’s home. Flowers and containers will be provided and no Oasis will be used. Juanita asks members who will be attending to please sign up by June 9 and to bring greens from their yards. 

Suzy Young moved to adjourn the meeting at 1:11, and Jan Theiler seconded; motion passed. 

Respectfully submitted, Barbara Skinner, Recording Secretary 

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