TRGC Minutes – April 2019, corrected

Thames River Garden Club Minutes

April 18, 2019

Attendance Active: 33 Privileged: 0 Excused: 9

President Brenda Kramer called the meeting to order at 12:22 and thanked hosts Manly Church, Patty Hancock, Mary Ann Richard, and Jan and Jerry Theiler for our delicious luncheon and Ann Thibault for the flowers. She asked members to please: sign the attendance sheets, mute their phones, and refrain from side conversations. Brenda enquired whether any guests were present, and Pam Atkins introduced Bugi Reiff, who had called her to ask about TRGC and been invited to attend the meeting. Manly Church moved to waive the reading of the minutes of the March meeting and accept the minutes as written, and Ruth Hammell seconded; motion passed.

President’s Report. Brenda welcomed our guest, then spoke about the FGCCT Annual Meeting held April 17 at the Aqua Turf Club with speaker Michael Derouin; nine members attended. Brenda reminded members to let Ruth Hammell, Sunshine Chair, know when club members should be sent cards. She reported that our garden party luncheon, catered by Tara Mahn, will be held June 20 at her home; invitations will be mailed in early May.

Vice President’s Report. Elaine Lombardi announced that we have a new TRGC member, Rod Atkins.

Treasurer’s Report. Phyllis Teeson reported monthly expenditures totaled $148.16. Barbara Skinner moved to accept the Treasurer’s Report as submitted, and Pam Atkins seconded. Motion passed. Phyllis said that she hasn’t yet heard recommendations for organizations to be considered to receive TRGC donations and that donees are scheduled to be selected at the May executive committee meeting. Phyllis requested that members send separate $25 checks to pay for their dues and the June luncheon.

Committee Reports.

Civic—Jan Theiler passed a signup sheet for work to be done at the Beebe Garden.

Environmental Studies/Conservation—On June 5 and September 4, committee members will work at Harkness State Park, a natural heritage site for Connecticut, which has areas of protected beach dunes so that the rare and threatened Piping Plover and Least Terns can nest.

Garden Therapy—Vonice Carr shared that Fisher Florists donated beautiful carnations for use during garden therapy. Approximately twenty arrangements were made and flowers were brought to residents who were unable to participate.

Habitat for Humanity—Manly Church said that plants left over from the sale can be donated to Habitat for Humanity.

Horticulture—Suzy Young asked members to bring a native plant to the May meeting.

Hosting—Elaine Lombardi passed the signup sheet so that members could sign up to host our various meetings and events next program year.

Plant Sale—Suzy Young has available the first seven pages of the FGCCT rules, which apply to plant sales. Maria Zalegowski discussed the tag sale table with garden-themed items planned for the sale; please donate items in good condition, such as vases, garden books, and tools. Maria asked all who want to buy patio tomatoes to sign up on another sheet being passed. All members should take and distribute two posters to advertise the plant sale, and each member is asked to make an item for the bake sale table and bring it with them the morning of the sale. Bake sale chair Pat Uguccioni advised that pies sell very well.

Ways and Means—Pat Uguccioni has aprons and TRGC tees available for sale to wear at the plant sale.

Workshops—Members are encouraged to attend a Line Design Workshop presented by Juanita Toledo to be held June 19 at Brenda’s home.

Unfinished Business. Maria Zalegowski offered to donate flatware to be used at luncheons instead of the plastic flatware we’ve been using.

Barbara Skinner moved to adjourn the meeting at 1:08, and Ruth Hammell seconded. Motion passed.

Respectfully submitted, Barbara Skinner, Recording Secretary

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