TRGC Minutes – March 2019

Thames River Garden Club Minutes

March 21, 2019

Attendance Active: 36 Privileged: 2 Excused: 6

President Brenda Kramer called the meeting to order at 12:21 and thanked hosts Barbara Allen, Phyllis Grohocki, Mary Ann Richard, and Suzy Young for our delicious luncheon. She asked members to be sure to sign the attendance sheets and whether any guests were present, and Suzy Young introduced her guests: five members of the East Lyme Garden Club who are visiting our club today. Betty Ann Coviello moved to waive the reading of the minutes of the February meeting and accept the corrected minutes as written, and Patty Hancock seconded; motion passed.

President’s Report. Brenda welcomed our guests from the East Lyme Garden Club, then encouraged members to attend the FGCCT Annual Meeting April 17 at the Aqua Turf Club, 556 Mulberry Street, Plantsville, CT; the speaker is Michael Derouin, award- winning designer and floral industry educator, who delivers a wonderful presentation. Checks for $34, made out to FGCCT, should be sent to Brenda by April 3 along with your meal choice. Please let Brenda know if you would like to be a driver. Brenda asked us to let Ruth Hammell, our Sunshine Chair, know when club members should be sent cards. Members who have favorite nonprofits related to gardening or horticulture should let Brenda know their suggestions; donations will be made in the spring. Brenda reported that our garden party luncheon, catered by Tara, will be held June 20 at her home; invitations will be sent in the spring. Brenda said she would compile the annual reports submitted and send her report to Federated this week. In closing her report, Brenda reminded members who purchase supplies for any event to submit receipts to the treasurer within thirty days.

Vice President’s Report. Elaine Lombardi welcomed new member, Richard Bucklin, to the club. Elaine reported that there are openings for new members and that potential new members should complete the new application forms.

Treasurer’s Report. Phyllis Teeson reported. Phyllis said that there was a list of organizations to which the club has donated in 2017-2018 on the table on the side of the room, and she asked members to consider other groups worthy of our donations. Pam Atkins moved to accept the Treasurer’s Report as submitted, and Ruth Hammell seconded. Motion passed.

Committee Reports.

Hosting—Elaine Lombardi passed the signup sheet around so that members could sign up to host our various meetings and events next program year.

Nominating—Everett Munro reported that the positions of Vice President and Assistant Treasurer remain unfilled. Betty Ann Coviello offered to serve as Assistant Treasurer and Phyllis Teeson said she would assist Betty Ann in assuming her new position.

Plant Sale—The plant sale committee has devised a method of indicating whether plants displayed for sale are best suited for shade or sun. Pick up blue to indicate shade and yellow for sun and stick the proper indicators in your pots. Maria Zalegowski will host a committee meeting at her house in April. There will be a tag sale table with items pertaining to gardening at the sale. Volunteers are needed for setup before the plant sale. Juanita Toldeo asked members to bring in four-inch clay containers at any time. Flowers from members’ gardens will go in the containers along with a geranium. Juanita will have her spray cleaner available, too.

Program—St. Paul’s Church has been chosen as the site of our guest day on November 21, 2019. The decision to have guest day in November was made because the speaker was not available in October.

Workshops—Everett Munro encouraged members to attend a Line Design Workshop presented by Juanita Toledo to be held June 19 at Brenda’s home.

Unfinished Business. Brenda reiterated the need for a new audio/visual committee chair and a publicity chair.

Barbara Mingo moved to adjourn the meeting at 1:02, and Ruth Hammell seconded. Motion passed.

Respectfully submitted, Barbara Skinner, Recording Secretary

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