TRGC minutes, corrected – February 2019


February 21, 2019

Present 32               Excused 7           Privileged 2

President Brenda Kramer opened the meeting at 12:15 pm.  She thanked the hostesses for a delicious luncheon: Laurie Markowicz, Dorothy McCutchen, Ann Thibault, Barbara Mingo and Nancy Cole.  A moment of silence for Lorraine Santangelo was observed. Our new member, official in March, was introduced to the club. Mr. Richard Buckley.  We sang Happy Birthday to Christine Crawford.

Reading and approval of minutes Barbara Skinner was on vacation. The January minutes were amended to include a motion made by Sue Bellefleur to include the donation that was made to the Chief Petty Officers Association be put into the minutes and seconded by Pam Atkins. This was voted on and approved.   It was presented that Linda Chapman be placed in privileged status in view of her many years of participation in the Club. This was voted on and passed.

President’s Report:  Brenda advised that anyone with suggestions for donations be sent to Phyllis Teeson, Treasurer.  Annual forms for the Federation must be to her by March 22 for her to compile and send. There are many awards we are eligible to receive.  You can also go on line for the Federation to see what awards are available. Award applications need to be in by May 1. FGCCT meeting at Aqua Turf is April 17.   We would like to have two tables to represent the club. At the October FCCT meeting at Aqua Turf, Pam and Brenda will present a tablescape of “Sex and the City”. By- Laws review will resume in April with Ethel Gerity. It was noted that Vonice Carr entered an arrangement in petite design in the Hartford Flower Show  and Pam Atkins will be entering an arrangement in the Griswold Museum “Blooms with a View” in June, The Waterford Historical Society is presenting “Art in Waterford” April 27-28 and would welcome any participation from the Garden Club as docents or whatever they want to contribute.

Vice President’s Report: Elaine Lombardi reported that we have 71 members.  There is a new form for introducing new members which will be helpful in obtaining current information.   It is suggested that a new member participate in two meetings and be voted in at the third. Brenda will send out forms to the membership.

Treasurer’s Report:  Phyllis Teeson reported

Corresponding Secretary, Mary Ann Richard, read two letters of thank you.  One from the Avalonia Land Conservancy, Inc. and one from Safe Futures for the Christmas gifts.

Nominating Committee:  Everett Munro presented officers for next year.  Secretary: Denise Heinrich. Treasurer: Joan Treadwell, Corresponding Secretary: Delores Markowicz, Still Needed, Vice President and Assistant Treasurer                                               

Program Committee: Sue Bellefleur reported the guest speaker for the November meeting will be Bill Graham.  A venue is being considered by the committee. Evaluation forms were passed out for members to evaluate speakers to assist the program committee in getting speakers.

Plant Sale:  Claudia Kenyon and Maria Zalegowski advised pots would be given out at the March meeting, Sale is May 11 at the Waterford Town Hall. Any new varieties of plants should be sent to Dotty Nauer for pictures to be made.  Prices for Grosso plants will be decided at time of presentation. I was suggested that more ordinary culinary herbs be presented.

Workshop:   Wed June 19, Lutheran Church, Juanita Toledo will present line design to be used as center pieces at the June meeting.

Garden Therapy: Juanita showed paper flowers made for coffee filters and tissues used for  February. She showed some plants that can be forced, and advised re Oxybenzone and Octinoxate in sunscreen that are bad for water, it affects and destroys coral.  Juanita also showed the membership the silver platter and certificate received for her cleaner at the FGCCT meeting.

Horticulture: Suzy Young had six entries in horticulture specimens and presented a blue ribbon to Pat Uguccioni.

The meeting was adjourned at 1:15.

Respectfully Submitted,

Mary Ann Richard,  Corresponding Secretary


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