TRGC – February 2016 minutes

Thames River Garden Club Minutes – February 18, 2016


Active: 32                                      Privileged: 3                                  Excused: 12

President Everett Munro called the meeting to order at 12:15 PM. Everett thanked our hostesses Joyce Beaudoin, Barbara Skinner, Ruth Hammell, and Mary Ellen Hagen for the wonderful luncheon.

Guests: Brenda Kramer introduced new member Barbara Allen

Minutes: Brenda Kramer made a motion to waive the reading of the January 2016 minutes. Ruth Hammell moved to approve the minutes as corrected; the motion passed.

Officers Reports:

President’s Report: Everett Munro discussed the new Habitat for Humanity project to be chaired by Manly Church. This will be under the Civic Committee. Please let Manly know if you are interested in volunteering to serve; members will be needed to help plant gardens at approximately 5 houses per year. Juanita Toledo suggested using perennials from our plant sale. Dottie Nauer suggested volunteering as projects arise, or perhaps maintaining a list of possible volunteers for this project. Manly Church will be asked to give a summary at a future meeting.

Everrett announced the following upcoming activities:

1) Thursday, May 5 , 1 – 4 PM at Christ Lutheran Church Barbara Mingo will lead a workshop to create Mother’s Day arrangements to be sold at the plant sale.

2) Thursday, June 9, 10 AM – Noon, Location TBA. Alice Luster will hold a workshop “How to design a Simple Winning Floral Arrangement”. Alice is a flower show judge and a member of the Country Gardeners of Glastonbury.

3) Monday, August 15, 10 AM – Noon, Location TBA: “2017 Planning Meeting for Officers and Committee Chairs”.

Treasurer’s report:

The treasurer’s report for January 15 – February 15, 2016

Vonice Carr asked if members had suggestions for additional charities for the Garden Club to support. A club Philanthropy Plan was presented to the membership with a vote on the plan scheduled for March. This would allow these funds to be disbursed in April. Please see the proposed list of charities for 2016 and their websites at the end of the minutes.

Committee Reports:

Garden Therapy- Juanita Toledo made and delivered 18 arrangements to the convalescent home for Valentine’s Day.

Environmental – Juanita Toledo shared information on the use of houseplants to help clean indoor air and their ability to filter out ammonia, benzene and other toxins.

Plant Sale: Phyllis Cushing handed out a sign up sheet for Plant Sale assignments. The Plant Sale is our only fundraiser and requires participation from all members to make it a success! Phyllis introduced Becky of Becky’s greenhouse on Boston Post Rd. in Waterford. Becky’s provides the beautiful hanging baskets to be sold at our plant sale.

Thames River Garden Club – Proposed 2016 Philanthropy List:

Camp Harkness Information:



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