TRGC January 2016 Minutes


JANUARY 21, 2016


Active: 31                                            Excused: 6                                                           Privileged: 0

President Everett Munro called the January 21, 2016 meting of the Thames River Garden Club to order at 12:15 PM.  Everett thanked hostesses Ivy Plis, Doris Burr, Ann Thibault, and Suzanne Young for our wonderful luncheon.

Guests:  Nancy Clark introduced Barbara Allen as a guest of Phyllis Grohocki.  Nancy, Phyllis and Barbara are sisters.

Minutes:  A motion was made and approved to waive the reading of the November 19, 2015 minutes.  The minutes were accepted without corrections.

Officers Reports:  President Everett Munro presented information re: attending the Hartford Flower Show on February 19, 2016 He raised the options of renting a bus or carpooling. More information will follow.  Manly Church (Civics Committee) proposed involvement of members to assist Habitat for Humanity in planting annuals in front of completed houses.  The members would be responsible for five homes.  Jan Theiler questioned the additional responsibilities to the civic committee in addition to the Beebe-Phillips House.

Vice-President Brenda Kramer introduced new member, Maria Zalegowski to the membership.   Brenda related receiving a letter from The Lawrence & Memorial Hospital Development Fund (Bill Stanley) thanking the TRGC for its contribution in memory of Dorothy Leib. The contribution will be designated for new equipment.   Brenda also presented a letter from “Save Futures” thanking the club for the generous contribution of gifts over the Holidays.  Phyllis Teeson, who delivered the gifts with Brenda, proposed a visit by members to “Save Futures”.  Brenda reviewed the procedure for proposing new members.

Treasurer Vonice Carr presented an updated report of finances

Reports of Committees:  Juanita Toledo, garden therapy, expressed some safety concern relating to working with patients at the convalescent home, i.e. wooden skewers might be used to poke someone, and apples used in display could be eaten.  As a result, the garden therapy will not be using skewers, fruit or wires in their arrangements.

Environmental Studies:  Juanita Toledo warned that the use of “Enlist Duo” as a weed killer could be dangerous to surrounding plants.

Hospitality:  Elaine Ackley acknowledged that all hostess slots for the current year have been filled.  She encouraged new members to volunteer to fill in should one of the assigned hostesses becomes unable to fulfill their commitment.

Ways and Means:  Pat Uguccioni has new sizes for TRGC T-shirts and a supply of aprons, totes and cookbooks for purchase.

Everett Munro reminded all that there is a Valentine’s Day Workshop at Christ Lutheran Church on February, 2016. He also reminded everyone to sign up to prepare a Mother’s Day arrangements at Barbara Mingo’s on May 5, 2016 at 1:00 PM.

Everett adjourned the meeting at 1:00 PM

Respectfully Submitted,

Betty Garvey

Acting Recording Secretary


New Committee Chair, Email Changes, New Members and Resignations


New Committee Chair:  New Flower Show Practice & Educational Workshops Chair: Everett Munro




Member Resignation:

 January 25, 2016



Announcement from President Everett Munro

Dear Members,

The 35th Annual Connecticut Flower & Garden Show starts next week, on Thursday, February 18th.

The show is held at the CT Convention Center, 100 Columbus Boulevard, Hartford, CT.

The Club had looked into hiring a bus but that was too expensive.

The plan is to carpool to the show on FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 19th. The show hours on the 19th are 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Ticket Cost:  Seniors (62) on Friday is $14.00 – see below for further information.

Please let me know the following:

1.  YES, I am interested in attending and would like to ride with someone.

2.  YES, I can drive and take _____ other people with me.


Show Hours:

35th Annual Connecticut Flower and Garden Show FEBRUARY 18-21, 2016 ~ “IN THE SPOTLIGHT”

Event Date Event Time
Thursday, February 18th 10 am – 7 pm
Friday, February 19th 10 am – 8 pm
Saturday, February 20th 10 am – 8 pm
Sunday, February 21st 10 am – 5 pm

* Box office closes 1hour prior to published closing times

* Wheelchairs are not available.

Tickets and Prices:

Tickets are available at the door; CASH ONLY is accepted.
Tickets are valid for 1 day entry and the seminars scheduled that day.  If you wish to attend additional seminars, another ticket will need to be purchased.

Adults: $16.00
Children Ages 5-12 $4.00
Children Under 5

Seniors Age 62 ~ $14.00 Thursday & Friday Only

Ticket Prices Include Admission Tax

CASH ONLY is accepted at the box office.  An ATM machine is located in the lobby of the Convention Center.



Everett Munro, President

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