TRGC Minutes – January 2023

Meeting was brought to order at 12:00 p.m. by Karen Neilan (President)

Attendance: 32 active members, 15 excused members, 3 guests, 1 privileged

Karen Neilan, President

  • Karen asked if there were any corrections or amendments to the minutes of the November 17, 2022 meeting.  No amendments or corrections were heard. Minutes were approved.
  • Karen wished everyone a Happy New Year with a toast of sparkling water and a raspberry.
  • Guests: Margie brought two guests, Joanna Woodward and Donna Blanco. Laurie brought one guest, Gay Clarkson.
  • Karen thanked and acknowledged our hosts: Brenda Kramer, Susan Bellefleur, Phyllis Teeson and Mary Ellen Brousseau, and Everett Munro, our coffee maker.
  • Karen thanked Rod Atkins and Richard Bucklin, the Audio and Visual committee for doing a great job.
  • Karen thanked the hospitality hostesses and host for the Holiday luncheon, Maria Zalegowski, Kristen Widham, and Manly Church. Karen acknowledged our Hospitality Chairperson, Jill Johnson and her husband, Mark, who took over in her absence, Pam Atkins for providing the centerpieces, Rod Atkins and Rich Bucklin for setting up the Audio, and Vice-President, Val Haagensen. She thanked everyone for the donations to Safe Futures.
  • The memorial brick to honor Judy Graziano has been installed at the L&M Healing Garden. It is located before the first bench on the right.
  • Karen spoke about the bulletin board she mentioned last meeting. She asked members if they would prefer a physical board brought to meetings or one to post online. It was determined to do both. She asked members to provide information to post.

Vice-President – Val Haagensen

  • No report

Treasurer- Elaine Lombardi

  • Elaine reported the details of the last two months (Report attached)
  • Elaine will be sending FGCCT our club dues which are $6 per person.

Recording Secretary- Pam Atkins

  • Recording Secretary- Pam asked members who had digital reports to send them to her to send out with minutes.

Corresponding Secretary- Laurie Markowicz

  • Corresponding- Laurie Markowicz read a thank you letter from the Waterford Library thanking us for presenting them with a Holiday wreath.

Committee Reports

  • Audio/Visual – No Report
  • Constitution and Bylaws – No report
  • Civic- Joan reported now that she knows we provide wreaths for the historical and municipal buildings, she will get started on that a bit earlier this coming year.
  • Environmental & Conservation – Ivy reported on the invasive vine, Bittersweet. (Report attached). This vine can kill our trees and shrubs. The seeds are broadcast by birds.
  • Garden Therapy Prison – No Report
  • Garden Therapy Nursing Home – Margie reported there was no meeting since they had a Covid outbreak. They hope to be back next month.
  • Historian- No report
  • Horticulture- Vonice talked about forcing our shrubs to have some Spring color in our homes. Most everything can be forced. She encouraged everyone to give it a try. Vonice talked about the upcoming Flower Show in Hartford on Feb 23rd -26th.  Karen suggested we might carpool if several members want to attend.
  • Hospitality- No report
  • Plant Sale- Claudia, secured Waterford Town Hall. Claudia asked plant sale sub committees to give a report to Karen for the procedure manual. Maria asked members who are listed in the book, but no longer want to serve on the committee to contact her so she can get replacements.
  • Program- Pam and Susan reported on a new procedure for Guest Day. We would like to have Guest Day at the Waterford Public Library calling it Members + 1 to keep it within our budget. We asked members to support our efforts for this change. Pam mentioned the FGCCT Annual meeting and invited members.
  • Sunshine- No report
  • Ways and Means- No report
  • Website- No report
  • Workshops – No report
  • Yearbook- No report

Unfinished business:

The Ad Hoc Committee is still compiling the Policies and Procedures manual. The purpose of implementing this manual is to provide procedural detail for our members to refer to for reference.  The procedures have been formatted in an easy guideline to follow. When completed, it will be distributed to members to put in their yearbooks.

Meeting adjourned 1:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted

Pamela Atkins, Recording Secretary

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